Be a Better Blogger with

I’m thrilled to announce 3 Beat Media’s latest blog launch —

Whether you run your own blogs or you want to blog for clients, Writing for Bloggers can help you improve your writing and therefore improve your blog. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Professional blogging
  • Writing basics
  • Coming up with blog post ideas
  • Blog content strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting (as it applies to blogging)
  • SEO for bloggers
  • Social media for bloggers (including writing for social media marketing)

You can check out our starter content to get a feel for the blog’s style:

I hope to see you there!

Site Launches and Retirements

Happy New Year!

3 Beat Media has a few changes in store over the next week related to some of our Web properties.

  1., a social media blog, has been officially retired. Some of the archived content on the site will be moved to the new social media category of, our small business blog.
  2. launches today. This is a health and fitness blog from the perspective of everyday folks. Three women share their unique fitness and wellness goals and the steps they’re taking to try to reach them.
  3., a blog about creating better blogs through better writing, is due to launch a week from today.

We’ll have many more updates over the next few weeks and months about new Web properties being launched and some changes being made to existing sites and blogs.


J.H. Mattern Communications is Now 3 Beat Media

When I launched J.H. Mattern Communications over seven years ago, the company’s mission was to assist creative professionals (like musicians and authors) with online PR and social media outreach. Things have changed a lot since then.

I moved away from consulting to focus on the writing side of my PR work, and I’ve expanded that business to become a professional blogger and business writer. I also moved into Web publishing beyond my client work, and currently own approximately two dozen websites (with others in development or with plans in place for future development).

Now I’m also working in indie publishing. With several e-books under my belt, a nonfiction book written and currently in editing, and my first novel being drafted, it’s time for another change. The company’s branding needs to be better aligned with the work I do.

Why 3 Beat Media?

I opted for the new company name of 3 Beat Media for a few reasons:

  • The word “beat” can both honor my initial work in music PR and tie into my work as a writer (as in the various beats I’ve covered over the years for clients).
  • There will be three primary areas or divisions in the business moving forward — client services, Web publishing, and book / e-book publishing.
  • As the business expands, those three divisions are expected to change. The current three areas will be combined in the publishing wing of the business, and audio and video work will also come into play (keeping the name relevant even with future growth).

I hope you’ll bear with me as this branding change rolls out. I have exciting things planned for 2012, from the first book launch under the 3 Beat Books division to new websites and features on some of my existing Web properties.

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address located at the top of this site. And follow the new @3BeatMedia account on Twitter to stay on top of the latest company news or @3BeatBooks for news about larger publishing works and releases.