The 3 Beat Media Mission

3 Beat Media is committed to delivering compelling and effective blogging and business writing services to help small businesses and independent professionals meet their marketing and public relations goals. The company also strives to provide entertaining and informative books and e-books through its 3 Beat Books brand and quality content in a variety of niches such as small business, publishing, and social media through its Web properties.

The History of 3 Beat Media

3 Beat Media was founded in 2004 as J.H. Mattern Communications — a small PR firm specializing in music PR. The company changed its focus shortly after to a specialization in online PR and social media consulting for a wider range of independent and creative professionals.

Over the years, several blogs and other Web properties were launched. And in 2008 owner, Jennifer Mattern, stopped offering PR and social media consulting services to focus on the writing side of the business (combining her PR writing, other business writing previously pursued part-time, and Web and e-book publishing).

The company brand was changed to 3 Beat Media in 2012, with the 3 Beat Books name taking over e-book and book publishing.

About the Owner

Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, business writer, Web developer, and author with a background in Public Relations and social media. She began accepting independent writing work for clients in 1999, and she has been blogging and developing websites since 2004. She publishes nonfiction under this name (such as e-books for freelance writers) and she writes fiction under multiple pen names.